Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Are you available for my date?

Fill out the quick quote on the website and we contact you right away, or call us anytime in the office at 1-800-788-4235.

Can we have someone sing during the ceremony or reception?

Have them bring the background song on cd or iPod and the Dj will give them a mic.

Can we have a musician perform during our ceremony or reception?

Yes. Have them bring an RCA input wire to connect to our system.

Can I add or delete songs to my request list after I have submitted it?

Yes, at anytime. Just make the necessary changes and submit the new list.

Can I make changes to my timeline or planner after I have submitted it?

Yes, at anytime. Just make the necessary changes and submit the timeline or planner.

Do we need to pick all the songs that will be played?

You may pick some songs, or you all the songs to be played. We recommend that you pick some of your favorites but also give the DJ room to take requests and see what is working best for your guests.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, online or over the phone. You may also pay the night of with a credit card.

Do you charge for set-up or break down time?

No, we never charge to set up or break down! You only pay for the music time.

Do you have microphones for the ceremony?

Yes, we clip a wireless mic on the person marrying the two of you.

Do you offer lighting?

Yes, lights are included at no additional charge to help create a party atmosphere on the dance floor.

Do we need to feed the DJ?

It is never required to provide a meal, but it is a nice gesture since they will typically be at your location for at least 7 hours including set-up and tear down. Some event sites have vendor meals for a reduced price.

Do you have microphones?

Yes, at all events we have wireless microphones for no addition fee.

Does the DJ come alone?

Most of the time the DJ is alone, however they may bring an assistant to help them throughout the day.

Does the DJ carry backup equipment?

Yes. Though it is extremely rare to be needed, the DJ carries backup Speakers, CD players, Ipods, Mics. The office staff is always available on event days for any last minute situations.

Does the DJ take breaks

No, the DJ does not take breaks, the music will play straight through.

Does the DJ need a table?

A small table would be nice, but we come self contained & do not require a table.

How do I book?

You may fill out the book online form, or call the office any time at 1-800-788-4235.

How do I submit my request list?

To submit your request list just click the song list link on our home page. Search for a song you want and then click the green button for a "must play" song. The yellow button for a "play if possible" song and the red button for a "do not play" song. You can save your list and add songs anytime. When the list is completed click the submit button and you are all done.

How do I pay my deposit?

You may pay by credit card online or over the phone, and you may also mail in a personal check.

How do I cancel my event?

Cancellations must be in writing. Fax or email in a cancellation letter. Then follow up with a call just to make sure we received it.

How do we talk to our DJ prior to our event?

After you have submitted your request list, timeline and planner, just ask to have you DJ contact you to go over the event. We recommend talking to your DJ about 3 weeks prior to your event.

Is there a travel fee for the DJ?

We do not charge to drive to or from your location.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit may be applied towards any future date within one year from the first canceled event date.

Should we tip our DJ?

Though a gratuity is never required, if you felt your DJ did an outstanding job, a gratuity (typically 10-20%) is always a nice way to show your appreciation.

Who is the best DJ?

The DJ's all have years of experience and will do a professional job at any type of event.

Will the DJ be our Emcee and make announcements?

Yes, your DJ will make all the necessary announcements throughout the evening.

Will the DJ wear hats, wigs or hold up goofy signs?

No Way! We are professional DJ company.

Will our DJ stay longer than the contract if we need them too?

Yes, the DJ will never leave as long as you need them at your event. The overtime rate is only $75 per hour.

What if something happens to our DJ and can’t make it to our event?

In the very rare instance that your DJ would be unable to make your event, we always have a backup plan and leave a DJ open for last minute emergencies. The owner of the company also leaves himself available. You are double protected this way.

What if I don’t see a song I want on your website?

As long as the song is available to purchase somewhere, we will buy it. If you have it on CD or iPod, we are happy to play your copy of it.

What if our event site has no power?

Although we do not automatically bring generators, we are available to provide them upon request for an additional fee.

What kind of equipment do you have?

The DJ systems are all self contained. Most include laptop, CD’s, and iPods to play music on. The speakers are JBL powered and are efficient for a job of 50-500 people.

What is the overtime rate?

The overtime rate is $50 an hour, paid to the DJ the night of your event.

What will the DJ wear?

For weddings and other formal events, the DJ will be in a tuxedo or shirt and tie, unless otherwise requested.

What sets you apart from other DJ companies?

While Northern California has multiple DJ’s who do this as a hobby, Eastwood Entertainment has operated as a full time DJ company since 1991. We are an extremely reputable, experienced, and reliable company who is here to help you every step of the way.

When is my request list, time-line, and planner due?

We recommend having this in 3-4 weeks prior to your event. You may still submit it up until the day of the event, although the closer to the date, the more difficult it may be to fulfill all your requests.

When is payment due?

Your balance may be paid the night of, cash or credit card. Personal checks need to be sent in 3 week prior to your event.

We have a full-time office staff 24 hours a day to answer any questions or to reserve a date.

Call us toll-free at (800) 788-4235 or get a Quick Quote us for pricing and availability.